Smart homes and offices

We turn some of the most exclusive properties into smart environments and would be delighted to do the same for you

Your dream place, decked out with the latest gadgets

Smart homes. A boy's (or a girl's!) dream. To have the room respond to you when you enter; music following you around, the climate adjusting, lights dimming or brightening.

NSTS is an expert in smart buildings and handles many upscale properties. We spend the time with you, listen to your vision and draft a plan to delight you. With NSTS, every little detail is thought of - and we help you bring the project to completion. We make sure that you enter your personal dream, every time you enter your building.

Do you want to level up your home or office?

Responsive rooms

WiFi Meshes


Lutron Smart Lighting

Digital doorbells

Self-cleaning tools

Elegant Cabling

Much more

We are just around the corner

Build a relationship with us! We are just around the corner, as we concentrate our services in a 40-mile radius. Whether you need a quick hand with a simple problem or a fully-fledged smart property installation, it is our pleasure to help you realize your dreams.

Leverage our 40 years of combined experience in squeezing the absolute most out of technology. We ensure your data is safe from hacks and hazards, increase efficiency through automation of software and can also manage your IT as a whole.

In our eyes, the way most companies are run is barbaric (truly). The right IT, software integrations and long-term security measures are no longer optional: if your competitors have them, they will work 30% more efficiently than you. Get on it!

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